Sage Dream Design
(& Songs of the Spirit Arts)
"Fuzzy Truffles,
Gnomes and more!"
Below are samples of my more
'silly'creations.  I will be listing individual
items on as they're available for

I also enjoy custom orders - email or phone
me with your ideas and requests!
Gnarly Gnobbie Gnomes and
Woolly Puffs are quiet, watchful
creatures.  Sometimes a little
bashful, they’re always loyal and
sweet – please show them

Filled with warmth and tenderness,
befriend one, let him or her become
your companion.   They will stand
guard for you; absorbing discord
and infusing all around them with
feelingsof harmony and joy.
Gnarly Gnobbies are magical creatures who
live in the gnarls of the Gnorwood trees,
far, faraway in the land of Gnibbentweed.

Both quick and nimble, their greatest joy is
traveling to our world, collecting the lost and
abandoned creative thoughts we carelessly
leave behind as we “grow up” and mature,
attending to life’s everyday demands.   

Gathering and sweeping them up with their tail,
they condense and transform these fragments
into magical crystal gems.

It’s been said that whoever has a Gnarly
for a friend, will always hold the treasure of
imagination near.    

Bring one home and both his heart and gem
will belong to you!
He looks down at Doodle, but he doesn’t have any

He wonders if there is something out
there beyond his garden and little
house. He looks back up towards the
night sky.

A child picks up his globe and gives
it a gentle twirl, A rainfall of glittery
specks float down around him, bathing him in a
glowing light. The child gazes wonderously at
Fuzzy Truffle’s world.

He no longer feels alone, he knows
someone is out there looking down on
him. He feels comforted, nourished, and flushed
with warmth.

He returns to tending his garden and
whistles a happy tune. Doodle sleeps.

Copyright 2016 Amy Chester
Imagine this; A little Fuzzy Truffle
lives inside a glass globe that you
can hold and look upon, but not

He lives a simple life. He spends his
days tending his garden, taking care
of his pet, “Doodle”, knitting ear warmers, and
blowing soap bubbles.  Sometimes he whistles.

He looks up at the sky and sees stars
all around him.  He thinks they’re
beautiful! He wonders what the stars
are all about. They seem to dance and
shimmer above his head. He doesn’t
know that the stars are rays of light
coming from each child surrounding
him and his world.
All Gnarly Gnobbies are one-of-a
kind. They come with a crystal
gem and story card, are numbered
and tagged, and an optional
"adoption" certificate.
See my tail!
Just hanging out! >
The small ones are approx 2 1/2 inches
tall and the larger ones are approx 4
1/2 inches total.  
The large Woolly Puffs all have fuzzy
tummies and a strap on the back which
can told a mini Woolly Puff or act as a
handle for a child to hold.

They are all tagged and numbered and
come with an optional "adoption"
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Woolly Puffs
Fuzzy Truffles
All Fuzzy Truffles come with a little booklet with the
story you see yo the right and an optional birth

There are 14 different styles; some big, some tiny,
and they're all soft and sweet!
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Coming soon; "Dragon Fancies"