Sage Dream Design
(& Songs of the Spirit Arts)
This majestic tree makes for a truly magical
centerpiece to your seasonal table.  It is
bright, colorful, earthy and ethereal, all at the
same time.  The felted earth is firm and sturdy,
with an array of vines, flowers, and mushrooms
and is an inviting place for outdoor treasures
from the garden.  The leaf canopy is soft and
delicate, giving the piece a fairy tale look and feel.

The permanent leaf canopy is gently wound fleece
and would NOT be suitable for handling by children.
I suggest directing the attentions of little ones to the
earthy ground and teaching them to focus their play

This tree can serve as a year round base for your nature table and a great repository for all of
those acorns, stones, shells and dried flowers that make their way in from the garden.
A wonderful way to cultivate awareness of the seasons for children.  

"Regular" - $110         (9-10" tall, mat is 9-10" diameter)
"Mini" - $75                 (7-8" tall, mat is 6-7" diameter)
***I have a seasonal decoration pack available for this tree at an
additional charge of $7.  The pack includes some rust/brown wool to
layer over the green Frost arrives in winter.  These additional colors can
be added in the appropriate season and then removed for the next
season, thus bringing the change of seasons more fully into your child’s
(Detail of bark )
"Fairy Tale Tree"
***For safety reasons these items are
NOT considered toys nor are they
recommended for children who still put
toys and objects into their mouths.
What are playscapes?
Lush, soft, colorful, wool playlands to nourish the imagination!

Imaginative dwellings for fairy folk, gnomes, animals, and a
world of magical inhabitants!

A "jumping off" point, a framework, to kick start the creation
of many fantastical stories.  I believe each child’s world would
be a wonder to see!

See "Extras" (playscape accessories) at the bottom of the
"Fantasy Playscapes
(Imagination Candy
All playscapes are truly one-of-a-kind!

Though I produce similar designs with similar elements, due to
the nature of various wools and the simple act of creating with
your hands, no two playscapes will ever be identical.  I try to
capture the look and feel of each design when making your order
but making exact copies is not possible. All playscapes  are
"made-to-order", which means I begin construction at the time
of your order/payment. This allows me to customize colors and
features, at No Extra Charge!
"Mushroom Fantasy Look-Out"        

A truly fun-gal experience!  This giant mushroom features an
outcropping of stem at it's base that a crafty gnome has
smartly large enough for her family to inhabit.  Features two
perches for which to play or take a quick cat nap.

The surrounding area includes a long and lazy river that
flows from the front of the land to the back and again to the
front - complete with stones, foliage,  and an array of
mushrooms that colors their world.

Notice the stone steps placed between the two rooms that
lead the family up to their rooftop patio.

Your choice of either "Autumn Gold" or "Cranberry Red"
for the large mushroom top.

"Mini" - $90
"Regular" - $138
"Where The Root Children Sleep"

A forest tree playhouse!

This home is constructed completely from wool
with a felt foundation - no hidden armatures or

Weighing in at over one pound, the structure is
soft and flexible, yet sturdy enough to hold up to
all sorts of active play.

***Notice the lush, deeply textured bark of this
ancient tree!

The inside of the trunk is the perfect place for root
children and gnomes to sleep away the long
winter.  Includes a portable campfire.

When all are awake, it’s a wonderful dwelling and
hide-away to gather and play!  The surrounding
mat offers space for free play.

Features a second door in the back and a
removable roof patio that allows easy access to
the living quarters below!

Attached to the front entrance with hemp string is
a bottle of "dream dust" to endow everyone who
enters with good dreams and happy thoughts!

"Mini" - $120
"Regular" - $180   
<<< You can put a small
nightlight bulb inside your tree
trunk to illuminate the  dark
Pumpkin/Apple House

A little family has turned this pumpkin into a cozy
home - complete with a functioning door that opens
and closes and two windows to peek through!

This playscape also features a wishing well and a
bucket from which to draw water, an evergreen tree,
a tire swing, lazy creek, and a fairy ring!

The playmat includes ample open space in front for
freedom to play.

"Mini" - $96
"Regular" - $144
Gnome Style;
Gnome Style;
Mushroom top
Gnome Style;
Swing Style;
House Style;
"Gnome Homestead"

Welcome home!
A cave has been fashioned into a cozy home and the
industrious resident has planted his own vegetable garden!

The house is roomy inside for a whole family of gnomes,
fairies, and their friends. There's a side window to peek
through and a chimney through the rooftop completes
the rustic feel.

The lush, curly wool locks on the roof make a soft,
wonderful place to lounge and play. (You choose your
color; green, blue, white, or copper (shown).)

This playscape features a private pond, a basket of
vegetables, and a 'hoe' to tend the garden with.

"Mini" - $90
"Regular" - $138
Gnome Style;
House Color
***Retail Customers;
Playscapes include two  
Choose from 'homy
gnomies' or 'bendy' style.
(wholesale customers
please inquire for reduced
Comes with a basket of
picked vegetables and a
felt hoe for industrious
"A Day At The Lake" - $36

A private lakeside  He comes with his very
own leaf boat or canoe for lazing about and
a fishing pole with a fish already caught on
the line! Includes either a Homy Gnomy
Gnome or a Bendy Gnome, in the color of
your choice

Pond measures approx. 7" wide.
Boat Options;
Gnome Type;
"Treehouse Party Pavilion"

This is a tree-house in the literal sense.
At the base of this stately tree, there is a lovely
little cottage home with curly green wool lining it's
entrance - this home is complete with a rooftop
patio and is ideal for parties or gatherings with

Features a stepping stone walkway and steps that
lead up to the rooftop patio. Flowery vines grow
up the side of the tree and two little ducks swim
nearby on the pond.

The permanent leaves on the tree feature a
removable bird’s nest with tiny little bluebird eggs
in it.  And the branches at the top of the tree are
made of  bendable wire (nicely covered in wool, of
course) allowing the woolen “leaves” of the tree to
be arranged according to your child’s whims.  To
create the airy, light look of the tree leaves the
wool has only been lightly felted.  Thus, this set is
more appropriate for an older child who can play
very gently in the treetop.

"Mini" - $96
"Regular" - $144
Gnome Style;

This playscape features two separatelarge  
caves joined together by a passageway for
secret visits.

The largest cave is roomy enough for an
entire neighborhood of critters, fairies, or
gnomes to inhabit!  (approx 7-8" tall for
regular mat size)

Also includes both a side and rear
entrance for more freedom in play and
happy travels!

Could the smaller cave serve as a guest
cottage or a cozy hide-out?       

The landscape is ripe with patches of
grass, a pond, mushrooms, and a flowing
river.  Also includes a portable campfire.  
You may substitute a fairy ring or garden
patch where you see the pond.

"Mini" - $96
"Regular" - $144
Right Side View  >
< "Secret" Rear Entrance
Gnome Style;
Choice of;
"Mushroom Forest"

This playscape hosts a plethora of
toadstools and mushrooms, a cave for a
cozy shelter, and a winding river.   The
largest mushroom stands 7" tall and the
cave about 6" size (regular mat size) with  
lots of vines crawling up he backsides of
the cave.

Also includes a campfire and a touch of
green with a fallen leaf.

"Mini" - $90.00
"Regular" - $138.00
"Fairy Meadowlands"

These gnomes have a cozy house to shelter
them from the prairie winds!  The house is
open on both ends for easy access during
play, is nestled amongst the hills, and
alongside a life-giving river,

Playscape includes a campfire (shown on
other playscapes) and a firmly attached
swing.   Feel free to customize the color of
your house and mushrooms. (House stands
approx 5-6" tall for regular size mat)

"Mini" - $96.00
"Regular" - $144.00
Gnome Style;
Gnome Style;
Playscape Sizes;

"Regular" - Mats will measure approximately 15" x 11" with
appropriately sized features and are scaled for gnomes and dolls
up to 3-4" in height.

"Mini" - Mats will measure approximately 12" x 9" and will
be more appropriate for dolls and gnomes 2-3" tall.  

Some playscapes like the "Secret Passage", "Gnome
Homestead", and "Fairy Meadowlands" have shelters that are
designed to be quite all and/or can easily be made a little taller
upon request.
See "How to Order" and
"About me" pages for
additional information.
"Hammock" $8
This portable hammock is self-supporting with a
wool covered wire frame and is hand crocheted from
cotton thread.
Nap Bag $5
Each little sleeping bag is made from wool felt
and hand stitched.  The bendy size gnomes fit just
right! Your choice of color.
"Dream Dust" $2.50
A miniature glass bottle filled with "magic dust" to
inspire wonderful dreams and happy wishes.  The top
of the jar is sealed with wax so the glitter won't
stray.  Your choice of color.  (1 1/4" tall)
"Canoe/Kayak" $5
Hand stitched from wool blend felt, this kayak will
hold an adventurous traveler!  
What a clever gnome!  He's made a boat from a
fallen leaf and added a sail in hopes of catching a
breeze! (approx 4-5" long)
A wishing well!  Made of felted wool with wool
covered wire for the support beams.  Includes
a movable wooden bucket painted with
non-toxic acrylic craft paint.

(This can be attached to your playmat or made
on a separate mat of about 4-6")
Sizes NOT including the removable top;

"Mini" stump
- approx 7" diameter & 6" tall
(mat is 10" diameter)
"Regular" stump - approx 9" diameter & 8"
tall (mat is 13" diameter)
"Sandbox"  $3
Add a sandbox to your play mat!
Made of paper cardstock, non-toxic children's
modeling clay, and real sand, it is portable and fun!
"Hopscotch" $2
A portable hopscotch pad made out of thick
felt and marked permanently with white paint.  A
classic game!
"Fairy Ring" or "Vegetable Garden $7 ($12 if
separate piece)
Add a fairy ring or garden to your playscape - invite the
fairies to visit and dance.

The flowers or vegetables are felted directly onto your
playmat or can be a separate felted piece (between
4-6"diameter to match your playscape size)
This portable tent is made from 2 layers of wool blend
felt securely stitched together with embroidery
thread.  Open ended on each side to allow for easy
access when playing.  Your choice of color!

(If sized to a regular playscape, the tent is roomy
enough for two happy gnomes!)

(The tent sides have foam inside them for added
support, but the bottom of the tent doesn't so you can
fold it easily when putting it away.)
"Campfire" $5

A soft portable campfire made of wool to keep
your critters warm!
"Swing Set"/"Tire Swing" $5
Add a swing to your playscape!
Choose from either a freestanding bench swing or a
freestanding tire swing.  The support is made from
wool and fiber covered wire and the wooden seats are
painted with a non toxic acrylic paint.
***Add to the Fun!!!

Below are items that can be added to any playscape for a small additional cost.

All accessories will be appropriately scaled to size depending on your order.

Please look at the description of the playscape you have chosen ~ it may already feature one of
the accessories below!

(These items are offered to retail customers as 'add-ons' when purchasing playscapes.  Please
don't purchase these items unless you're also purchasing a playscape or the "Fairy Tale Tree".  If
you'd like an item shown below, but don't want to purchase a playscape, give me a call!)
Accessory type;
Accessory type;
"Secret Passage"
Due to a hand injury, I am
unable to take any felting orders
for November, December, and