Sage Dream Design
(& Songs of the Spirit Arts)
I create Art Dolls, or Spirits".    
They originate from my heart, my soul and are meant
for you to hold in a special place in your heart:
To serve as a reminder of the sacred and
secret places of yourself and who you're striving to

I hope that they both speak to your heart and
offer you a visual refuge from daily life.

The items you see below are previous work and have
been sold.  I will list new dolls available for purchase
in the future as I make them.
I offer lifetime attention and repairs for any
unforeseen damage.

Ask me about custom orders!
Sing to me your sweet song.
Give to me your gentle strength.
I will be free!
( 6" x 17")
Holding the growing spirit within,
close to her heart,
She dances to a new song.
(9" x 20")
She lives with the earth and
Listens to the gentle song
beating beneath the soil.
She will remain.
(6" x 10")
Mistress of the deep,
Bringing energy from the
ocean waters.
Let her come and
revitalize you.
(5" x 11")
Pulling in for herself;
She restores her strength
and gives herself the gift of time.
She begins to heal.
( 10" x 12")
Blossoming under the gentle
light of a caressing moon,
She quiets her inner labors
and breathes gently.
(10" x 20")
Flowering hope,
Look to the sky,and    
Catch the wind.
(8" x 18")
Listen to the rhythm,
Your heart is of the earth,
Dance... Be free... Love.
(9" x 20")
"Hannah's Breath"