Sage Dream Design
(& Songs of the Spirit Arts)
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"Earth Children"

These dolls are approx 2 1/2"-3" tall.

You'll need pipe cleaners, embroidery thread,
1/2" (12mm) wooden bead for head, quality felt
(wool blend OK),  an acorn cap, & a little
unspun wool for the hair.
“Earth Children” are nature’s helpers; they care for
and nurture the animals, bugs, flowers, and plants,
"Meadow Fairies"

require quality felt, pipe cleaners, 5/8"
(14mm) bead for head, and 1/2" (12mm)
for hands, embroidery thread, and nylon
tulle for wings.
Make your own "Meadow Fairies",
"Forest Folk", "Earth Children",
& "Homy Gnomies"!!!
“Meadow Fairies” are ‘air spirits’ who
love to flit and dance above the earth,
helping to maintain harmony amongst the
fairies and flying critters.  (Their song is
heard in the breeze - if you listen
carefully, you can hear them whisper.)
"Homy Gnomy Gnomes"

These little gnomes are made from quality felt,
unspun wool, & embroidery thread.
The mini size is approx 2" and the regular size
is 3".  The pattern includes both sizes as well as
some simple embroidery designs.
“Homy Gnomies” are a wise and ancient breed of
“story-keepers” who guard and protect the
teachings of those who lived in the years gone
by.  They live within the tree roots, caves, and
crevices of stony ground.
"Forest Folk"
bottoms with play-sand so that they stand up on their own
without falling.    

The instructions include patterns for both the girl & boy, as
well as sample simple embroidery patterns to decorate their
outfits.  They require a 5/8" wood bead for a head, quality
felt (wool blend OK), unspun wool for hair & stuffing, pipe
cleaner(s), embroidery thread, and play-sand (if you want to
weigh the bases down).
Within the deep woods live the “Forest Folk”.  
They both protect and maintain harmony among
the earth-bound animals and the magical,
unseen wee folk.
Mini Felt Bendy Dolls
to Sew
The felt patterns shown below were created as  
companions, "magical inhabitants" for the needle felted
Gnome/Fairy Houses and/or Fantasy Playscapes that I
make.  They are also the appropriate size for many mass
produced doll houses, log houses, etc...

They are all hand-sewn with embroidery floss and require
only simple supplies.  I recommend that you purchase
either a wool-blend or 100% wool felt (not the really
thick kind) because it's sturdy, easy to work with, and
your edges won't fray as you work.